Wallowa County Damage Survey

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Tell me about the structure that was damaged. Are you the
Personal Information
What are your preferred pronouns?
Address damaged by hailstorm
Mailing Address
What is the best way to contact you?
What time of day is best to reach you?
Who is living in the household?
What type of building structure was damaged?
Tell us about your housing situation before the hailstorm?
Tell us about your post-disaster housing assessment. Please check all that apply to you.
What type of impact did you experience from the hailstorm?
Was your heat source damaged in the hailstorm?
Volunteer Information
Due to the hailstorm, do you need volunteer help winterizing your home?
What is your availability for volunteers to help you?
  • How Many windows
  • Do you currently have plywood over the windows?
  • Is there a barrier between the plywood and the home?
  • Is there window glass still in the window?
  • Is the window frame still in the window? 
  • What type of window frame wood vinal etc..?
  • Anything else we need to know about your windows?
  • When do you expect to get your windows replaced?
Tell me about your roof.
What type of roof do you have?
How many holes? Is it one section or many?
Do you need help tarping your roof or can you do it?
Do you have a tarp or do you need one?
Do you know how many square feet your roof is?
When do you hope to get your roof repaired or replaced?
Do you have home insurance?
Are you experiencing difficulties with your insurance company/claim adjuster?
Have you filed a complaint with the Division of Financial Regulation (DFR)?
Have you been in contact with the Division of Financial Regulation (previously known as the Insurance Commissioner office)?
Would like to be contacted by an Insurance advocate? -please provide name and phone number
Was there damage to your primary source of transportation?
Do you have vehicle Insurance that covers hail damage on your primary vehicle?
Disaster Case Management
Are you interested in working with a Disaster Case Manager to support your outstanding hailstorm-related needs?
Type of Income
What type or types of income do you have?
Non Cash Benefits
Did you serve in the US Military Service?
Health and Safety Check
How would you describe your health?
Do you have a disability?
Do you have any chronic health conditions?
Do you have mental illness?
Do you have any chemical dependency concerns?
Resources ad Referrals
Let's talk about referrals that may support you becoming safe, sanitary and secure.
Additional Notes/Comments
Disaster Intake Specialist, After listening to the survivors story how would you rate this case?

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