Welcome: Amanda Mount, Community Results Coordinator


Amanda Mount is the new Community Results Coordinator for Elevate.
She endeavors to be attentive and appreciative of each day and to interact with people in ways that heighten their connection. 
Amanda is an education advocate and believes it is the key ingredient to attain equitable, lifelong opportunities for all students. She has experience in private, district and state education. For the past 20 years she has been at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Tacoma Public Schools in the Assessment Departments. 
Her expertise is in effective communication, strategic planning, innovative problem solving, and implementing strategies to increase program efficiencies. She understands key components of collaborative work are to: define a clear vision with measurable goals, actively listen and share information, nurture relationships, and foster diversity and inclusion. She utilizes Program Management processes to guide her work.
Amanda has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State College, Michigan and a Master’s Degree in Organization Development/Systems Theory from Leadership Institute of Seattle, Washington.  
In her free time, she enjoys being active in nature and loves to feel at home in the whole world.