Riverside Mobile Home Estates Pendleton, Oregon

Help Needed!

If you can organize a social, religious, or civic group, we need your help winterizing homes in Riverside Mobile Home Estates Pendleton, Oregon.

This is an aerial view of the Riverside Mobile Home Estates along the Umatilla River in Pendleton, Oregon. There are 75 spaces for lease and most people own their mobile home and rent the space. This entire area was inundated with water during flooding in February 2020. Riverside is home to many low income families struggling with flood damage, loss of jobs, and the pandemic. They are some of our most vulnerable neighbors.


Some of the homes were damaged beyond repair and have been hauled away and disposed of…an expensive operation. Others have been water-logged and need insulation replaced and skirting reinstalled. There are other repairs such as HVAC systems, roofing, and porches and ramps needing work. Our friends along the river need our help.


If you can organize a group of friends or a group from a church or club, we need you to help this community get ready for winter. First and foremost, these homes need insulation installed and skirting installed. If you are interested in helping and have a group of folks willing to help, check out our volunteer tab on the BMLTRG website and review the safety precautions and procedures.



Once your group is organized and familiar with safety procedures, we will schedule you to work on a mobile home that has been assigned by one of our disaster case managers.


Our goal is to have these homes properly insulated before winter.