Camp Fire

                             Camp Fire

United Way partners with local non-profits each year and supports programs that address one or all of the areas of Education, Health and Income.  Camp Fire Summer in the Park Program runs during the summer from 7:30am -5:30pm, providing a safe, fun, educational environment for many children.  Camp Fire never turns anyone away for lack of funding; they will always work with the parent.  In 2014, Camp Fire provided over $20,000 in scholarships through the After School and summer program. 

This past October United Way of Walla Walla worked with Camp Fire after School Programs to participate in an attempt to break a Guinness Book of World Record for most children read to in a 24 hour period worldwide.  Although no record was broken, we had a great time reading “Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table” to the kids at Berney, Sharpstein, Green Park, Edison and Prospect Point after school programs.  A huge thank you to the following volunteers that helped make the event possible:  Bob Catsiff, Michelle Jones, Julie Olsen, Shannon Block, Mary Lubbers, Sara Kingman, Ellen Wolf, Sara Moran, Beth Theil, Jan Foster and Sarah Grant-Sisk.

  The staff at Camp Fire is a true joy to work with, their passion for the work they do is evident.