Day in the Life of Your United Way Dollar

It’s 7AM.  A dad helps his two small children out of the family car and through the doors of My Friend’s House Day Care Center. The children love being there together where they can play with kids their own age or play together just brother and sister in a safe and child centered facility. They know Mom or Dad can visit them at lunch and that at the end of the day they will have lots of stories of fun play and learning activities. Your United Way believes in investing in programs that support working families who need safe daycare for their children. United Way supports the YWCA’s My Friend’s House.

Its 9:30 AM.  A young mom has made a big decision. After dropping out of school as a teenager and then years of unemployment because she cannot read, she is worried about the possibility of watching her children repeat the cycle. She is determined to learn to read so her children will have a brighter future and, fortunately, she has a local resource to help her achieve her goals. United Way funding provides many adults with help in learning to read or improving basic skills so they can pass the GED (Graduation Equivalency Diploma) test or get a better job. Your local United Way supports the Adult Literacy Program at Blue Mountain Action Council here in Walla Walla.

It’s 10 AM.  A young mother of two small children who is estranged from her husband wants help with a parenting plan. She just lost her job and doesn't know where to turn. A friend who got help with her eviction from the United Way funded Pro Bono program at Blue Mountain Action Council urges her to call and get free legal advice and a local attorney to help her. Your local United Way supports BMAC's Pro Bono Legal Program.

It's 10:30 AM. A trained Parent Mentor arrives at the home of a young, single mother who is at risk for having her children removed by Child Protective Services for neglect because her parenting skills are so poor. She loves her children but needs help. Your United Way funded Parent Mentor Program offers home management strategies, positive parenting techniques, and other support weekly. Your local United Way supports Children's Home Society Home Team Parent Mentors.

It's 11:30 AM. An 85-year-old homebound woman is sitting in her chair looking out the window. She is waiting for the nice young man who delivers her meals every day.  Not only does she get nutritious food for lunch and dinner but the delivery means she is also checked on every day and has a few moments of conversation in a day otherwise spent completely alone.  United Way funding helps seniors stay in their own homes by providing meals to them every day. Your local United Way supports the Senior Center's Senior Roundtable and Meals on Wheels here in Walla Walla.

It’s Noon.  It’s lunchtime at Davis Elementary School.  A third grade boy enters the lunchroom and looks eagerly for the man he knows he can talk to about the feelings he has about things that are happening at home. He sees his Friend and runs up to join him at the lunch table. Together they eat their lunch and talk.  After lunch they play on the playground together. Because United Way donors fund Friends of Children of Walla Walla, many more “matches” of caring adult mentors with young children are made in College Place and Walla Walla this year helping children to grow up and imagine bright futures. Your local United Way supports Friends of Children of Walla Walla in College Place and in Walla Walla.

It's 1 PM. A family received a shut off notice for their electricity this week. They don't know where to turn. A friend suggests Helpline. The United Way funding enables Helpline to connect people in crisis with basic needs. They head over to Helpline; get a voucher to pay Pacific Power, and their electricity stays on. Your local United Way supports Helpline's Emergency Social Services Program here in Walla Walla.

It’s 1:30 PM.  An individual with developmental disabilities is successfully working in a safe environment while enhancing his quality of life and increasing his independence. United Way funding reduces isolation and improves the quality of life for vulnerable adults with disabilities in our community. Your local United Way supports Lillie Rice Center, Inc. here in Walla Walla.

It's 2:30 PM. A low income mom and her two kids arrive at the Salvation Army Food Bank. They shop in the grocery store setting choosing the food they need for the week, which is free to them. Even though their paycheck ran out last week, they will still be able to put food on their table because of United Way funding.  Your local United Way supports the Salvation Army's Food Bank and Social Services Program here in Walla Walla.

It's 3 PM. The members of a local Boy Scout troop are packing their supplies for a camping trip into the Blue Mountains.  Your local United Way supports Boy Scout troups on the Walla Walla area.

It’s 3:15 PM.  A third-grader heads down the hall of her school to join the other children in the after school program she attends until her parents can pick her up after work. She is greeted by responsible staff from Campfire who has planned a full afternoon of snacks, games; any needed homework help, and other activities in the safety and security of her own school building. United Way invests in programs that help families of young children fill the gaps between the time school ends and family time can begin. Your local United Way supports Campfire.

It’s 3:30 PM.  The school bus arrives at Valle Lindo, the Farm Labor Camp, and out tumble nearly 30 elementary school children who are heading for the After School Homework Club where they will enjoy a healthy snack and get help with homework and other extra educational supports in a loving, caring environment. With funds from United Way, Children’s Home Society provides safe after school and summer camp opportunities for children in the neighborhood where they live.  Their parents can work without worries knowing their children are well cared for, and these children are growing up to realize their dreams. Your local United Way supports Children’s Home Society’s After School Homework Club and Summer Camps in College Place.

It's 4 PM. A low income couple who are having marital problems arrives at Catholic Charities for their appointment with a counselor. They have been meeting with her weekly for a month and are working on holding their marriage together. United Way funding provides counseling services for adults, children, couples, and families for a variety of needs including mood, anxiety, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and behavioral issues. Your local United Way supports Catholic Charities Counseling Services here in Walla Walla.

It’s 6 PM.   A 13-year-old boy is hanging out downtown with no supervision. A group of middle school students invite him to go play basketball at The Armory. They are greeted by caring adult mentors who join the game with them and offer homework and other assistance.  United Way funding provides a safe, healthy place for our community's at-risk kids to gather several nights a week. Your local United Way supports the YMCA's YCCY program for at-risk middle-school students.

It's 7 PM. A group of parents of children with developmental disabilities are meeting after work for a workshop to educate them on how better to advocate for and meet the specific needs of their special children. These United Way funded workshops are held throughout the year to provide support and advocacy skills for over 200 families. Your local United Way supports Walla Walla Valley Disabilities Network here in Walla Walla.

It’s 10:30 PM. A woman and her two young children are arriving at the local domestic violence shelter. She has made a big decision, and she is safe and no longer alone.  Because of United Way funding, domestic violence victims have immediate access to crisis services and a safe house. Your local United Way supports the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Shelter here in Walla Walla.

It's 2 AM.  The phone rings and the on-call Hospice nurse answers the call from the wife of a Hospice patient. He is having difficulty breathing and is afraid.  The nurse gives the wife instructions on how to administer the appropriate medications but can tell that the wife is anxious and doesn't feel confident.  The nurse gets in her car and drives to Waitsburg to make a home visit. United Way funding helps pay for Hospice nurses. Your local United Way supports Hospice.